Verbatim BVOH filament

1.75 mm - Natural



A high quality water soluble support material that can be used with a number of different polymers and easily dissolved in cold water. This environmentally-friendly material provides support for printing objects with overhangs or particularly complex structures. Verbatim BVOH follows the tightest quality controls as standard, ensuring excellent layer-forming and adhesion properties.

Verbatim BVOH filament 1.75 mm - Natural
Verbatim BVOH filament 1.75 mm - Natural

Product Details

Part Number: 55903

  • Butenediol Vinyl Alcohol Co-polymer (BVOH) for material extrusion
  • Water dissolvable support material
  • Waste can be disposed with household effluent** 
  • Excellent layer-forming, emulsifying, adhesive
  • Best in combination with ABS, PLA, and PET material 
  • Light- and UV-sensitive
  • High solubility 
  • Main applications: Support material for filaments, printing projects with overhangs or complex objects 

**>20 times weight of water to this material required for disposal (i.e >20cc water to 1g BVOH) with a maximum of 2kg of BVOH per day. When more BVOH is to be used per day, professional organic effluent treatment will be required.


Verbatim BVOH filament 1.75 mm - Natural


Product Specifications
Diameter accuracy: 1.75 mm ± 0.07 mm
Material net weight: 0.5 kg
Filament length: 182 m
Melt temperature: 176 °C
Melt Flow Rate @ 230 °C, 21.1N: 7.5 g/(10 minutes)
Density: 1.14 g/cm3
Viscat softening temperature: 92 °C
Glass transition temperature: 68 °C
Flexural strength: 71 MPa
Flexural modulus: 2900 MPa
Tensile Strength: 45 MPa
Tensile Elasticity: 9.0%
Spool Dimensions
Spool diameter:200 mm
Spool depth:72 mm
Hub diameter:102 mm
Hub hole diameter:51 mm
Recommended Printer Set Up
Extrusion temperature:210±10 °C
Bed temperature:60 °C
Printing speed:30 mm/s



Part Number Filament diameter Filament weight Colour
55904 2.85 mm 500g Natural
55903 1.75 mm 500g Natural


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55903 1.75mm Transparent Flat
55903 1.75mm Transparent Angled+Product
55903 1.75mm Transparent Angled