1.75mm 500g – Black


High performance flexible filament, developed by Mitsubishi Chemical, offering excellent low temperature properties and a high level of hardness stability across a wide temperature range, making it particularly suited for outdoor applications. PRIMALLOY™ is resistant to oil, grease, abrasion and solvents and suitable a applications requiring flexibility such as window seals, grips, holders, plugs, robot parts and protective components.

Verbatim PRIMALLOY™ 1.75mm 500g – Black
Verbatim PRIMALLOY™ 1.75mm 500g – Black
Product Details

  • High performance thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPE) for material extrusion
  • Highly flexible
  • Resistant to oil, grease, abrasion and solvents
  • Good shape retention 
  • Good weather resistance 
  • Main applications: Flexible items such as brackets, insoles for shoes, hoses, bracelets, insulation, balls, wheels etc. 

Product Specifications
Diameter accuracy: 1.75 ± 0.05 mm
Material net weight: 0.5 kg
Filament length: 190 m
Filament Thickness: 1.75 mm
Melt temperature: 175 to 195 °C
Melt Flow Rate @ 230 °C, 21.1N: 45 g/(10 minutes)
Density: 1.09 g/cm3
Durometer Hardness: Shore A85
Tensile yield: 14 MPa
Tensile elongation: 990 %
Spool Dimensions
Spool diameter:200 mm
Spool depth:72 mm
Hub diameter:102 mm
Hub hole diameter:51 mm
Recommended Printer Set Up
Extrusion temperature:230±10 °C
Bed temperature:60 °C
Printing speed:20 mm/s

* Closest pantone colour

Colour Part Number PANTONE® ref. Filament diameter Filament weight
Natural White 55501 Natural White 2.85 mm 500g
Black 55507 Black Process* 2.85 mm 500g
Natural White 55500 Natural White 1.75 mm 500g
Black 55506 Black Process* 1.75 mm 500g
55506 Angled+Product
55506 PRIMALLOY 1.75mm 500g Label
55506 No Packaging Angled